Volunteering Auckland

Today, volunteering in Auckland communities, is an integral part of peoples lifestyle. It brings everyone together and helps to builds a stronger sense of community. For Friendship House, along with cash, volunteer services are the most recognised and valuable form of direct giving to our organisation.

Some of the ways you can volunteer:

Join our Hospitality Team

Hospitality, support, care and Christian compassion are some of our core values. Providing a safe, comfortable and welcoming place for people to enjoy is important to us. Maintaining a pleasant, friendly environment is a priority. Over the course of a week we have many visitors who need assistance. Sometimes a friendly face and helpful manner can make someone’s day. A volunteer who can offer hospitality has a unique and valuable contribution to make at Friendship House.

Become a Friendship House Change Agent

Throughout the year our Community Centre promotes local community events and national and international “Awareness Days”. Our goal is to support our community and influence positive change which benefits us all. These and other events take time and effort to organise and willing hands are welcome. From time to time we visit our neighbours to keep them informed of our services and activities. If you have a friendly smile and a talent for meeting new people, then the gift of your time would be appreciated.

  • Promotional activities
  • Event support
Business and Administration

We refer to our Business Team as our engine room! Everything we do requires planning, preparation, measurement and reporting. We understand the need to be responsive in our increasingly high tech world and value professional pro bono support in this area when specific projects arise. If you want to champion our work by offering this type of support we would love to hear from you.

Student Placements

Community development is another important area of work for Friendship House. We see partnering with Tertiary Education institutes as an important way of investing in the future of our community and building social capital.

Please note: There are some specific criteria which must be met to qualify for some of the volunteering tasks. To give by volunteering please Register your interest:

We are really excited that you are interested in volunteering with us. By filling in the form below we will be able to get an idea of what you would like to do and how much time you have to give. Please attach a copy of your CV. It will help us to get to know you better and to identify your strengths. This will help us match you to the right role within our organisation.

Volunteering Auckland

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