Vision, Mission and Values

Vision Statement

Restoring Hope and Mana through the Aroha of Christ


Friendship House He Whare Tangata; Empowering Positive Change

Friendship House aims to respond to the needs and concerns of people. In Christ’s name and in a spirit of justice and reconciliation it will:

  • Seek to identify the causes of injustice and work for a more just society;
  • Encourage all who are trying to build a more truly human community;
  • Uphold Te Tiriti O Waitangi;
  • Work in ways that recognise and value all cultures and ethnic groups that are represented in the community that Friendship House serves.
  • In the same spirit Friendship House will develop relationships with the local political, business and industrial structures and seek to minister to those who exercise power and make decisions affecting the lives of those in and around Manukau City Centre.
  • Through its role as a centre of community, Friendship House will seek to nurture faith, values and actions that serve the common good.
  • Friendship House will provide an example of Christian unity.
  • Through its actions Friendship House will seek to support aspirations and activities that help people to achieve their full, God-given potential.

From an operational point of view, Friendship House aims to provide:

  • Places of belonging and meeting within the wider community where people experience hospitality and can receive information, advocacy and practical assistance;
  • Support for people to build satisfying relationships and purposeful lives through social development such as social work, counselling, courses and programmes;
  • Research, analysis, critique and engagement with community, social practices and public policy to contribute to justice and sustainable outcomes;
  • Innovation in service delivery, community development and social enterprise;
  • An organisation that embodies integrity, Christian compassion, accountability and congruenc

The following Values were adopted by The Friendship House Trust at a Board meeting held on 31 March 2016:

Aroha ● Compassion ● Generosity ● Hospitality

All personnel of Friendship House will:

  • Aroha - demonstrate the aroha of Christianity to all customers, visitors and staff.
  • Compassion - keep in mind Christ’s example and seek to demonstrate empathy, discernment, understanding and kindness in non-judgmental ways in its work. Friendship House will support peoples’ own spirituality showing consideration for the diversity of cultures and ethnic groups in the community.
  • Generosity - interact with all customers from a position of a generous heart and generous spirit.
  • Hospitality - make all customers, visitors and staff feel welcome.
Guiding Principles

Fundamental to Friendship House is the belief that every person needs to experience:

  • Safety
  • Value
  • Respect
  • Encouragement
  • Hospitality
  • Kindness

Friendship House aims to meet the core needs of its clients, offering them the hope of fresh possibilities, positive change and personal growth.

The services Friendship House provides are:

  • Strengths based
  • Holistic
  • Solution focussed
  • Client centred
  • Personalised
  • Family/whanau focussed

Friendship House balances being business-like with social objectives. This means any surplus income is reinvested into the organisation to help in achieving its mission.

The goals of Friendship House with regard to service delivery are to:

  • Be responsive to the needs of people in the community
  • Celebrate the richness of the many different cultures and ethnicities that make up the community
  • Deliver services that nurture, encourage and challenge people towards personal growth and self-discovery
  • Work at all levels of the organisation within the boundaries of ethical practice
  • Be innovative in service delivery, community development and social enterprise
  • Be a multicultural team with a commitment to the bicultural journey of Aotearoa

It is important for Friendship House personnel to spend time with customers to identify their concerns and help create a plan to achieve their goals. Rather than focusing on one issue, encouraging the individual to look at the issue in context can make lasting and successful changes.

Each individual has unique needs so it is important to create a personalised plan.

Family support is important for making change plans effective. At times those plans may include support and skills to approach relationships in new ways. Tailoring assistance to family/whanau needs may be appropriate.

All people are part of a web of relationships and networks. Friendship House aims to be well connected within the community and to support and encourage other groups to connect with each other for the purpose of providing information, support, mentoring and advice to other groups.

Sometimes needs or concerns stem from individual choices; often they arise due to forces beyond an individual’s control. Friendship House recognises there are often structural and justice issues that mean it is difficult for people to live healthy, fulfilled lives and to reach their potential. The House keeps a watch for these issues in order to speak up on behalf of the community where possible.


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